Leadership Development

Nothing is more impactful than a cohesive team that is aligned on what’s important and how THINGS will get accomplished. At facilitated off-sites, we coach executive and IT leadership teams on the conditions needed to enable and activate PEOPLE for change—while integrating their organization’s unique culture, strategy, business problems and projects.

Our goal is to grow your team’s change leadership skills, allowing you to think about and deliver change as a cohesive team. By using the off-site as a forum to discuss and debate an upcoming or contemplated change, such as a large-scale IT implementation, we can leave you with a tangible action plan.

We also offer change leadership coaching on an individual, on-going basis. This model maps personal development goals to tangible action plans, allowing any executive or IT leader to grow into an effective CHANGE leader.


Project Services

You may find it’s best to use an approved project as the catalyst for building a change leadership discipline. Whether you are contemplating a technology initiative, ready to kick off a project or are in the middle of an implementation, we can support your team through their project journey. Our goal is to help you ignite a change culture by applying the needed conditions for enabling and activating people for change now—all while developing a reusable template.

Our project services are particularly helpful if:

  • You’re kicking off an IT change initiative that is VITAL to your company’s growth;
  •  You’ve previously encountered project failure and confidence is shaken;
  •  Although change is needed, no one seems excited or interested—there is a lack of followership or;
  • A new technology tool has already been introduced, but adoption is low.

Our project services are:

  • Delivered in Pulses. Our delivery framework has up to five “pulses,” based on your specific needs. Working in pulses means there are no full-time resources (for the entire duration of the project) on-site for you to manage. We will support your project during the most crucial stages—and stay out of the way when it makes sense for you to be heads
    down working!
  • A Culture Mash-up. It’s important that change is driven by an organization’s leaders— not by (unknown) consultants. We will support your leaders and grassroots influencers by providing tactics and tools THEY can use to deliver change— in a manner that’s consistent
    with your existing culture and values.
  • Fixed Pricing. Each pulse of work will be offered at a fixed price. That means you don’t have to worry about cost overruns for our services—or us claiming, “Scope creep!” It’s about getting the job done right, not just getting it done.
  • Guaranteed. If we haven’t met defined and approved expectations at the end of a pulse, you can keep your money. Our goal is to add value and help your teams feel enabled and activated for change.