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For years from his executive post, Chris Laping has been engaging audiences with disruptive ideas on innovation and roller coaster storytelling. Now, he is hitting the stage as author of his debut book, People Before Things, to take audiences on a journey that focuses on how great organizations take care of people and inspire a culture of change. Whether it’s a large audience at a national conference or a small, private group, Chris brings the same passion and energy to each talk—and with content that’s tailored for each unique situation!


Speaking Abstracts

People Before Things—Always!

Gallup reports that 70% of all change initiatives fail. Why do some organizations succeed at delivering change while others don’t? Quite simply, their leaders put people before things. Using concepts from his debut book, in this talk Chris helps audiences visualize how they can become CHANGE leaders. Intended for any executive, middle manager or grassroots influencer, this is a message for all levels of leadership!

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Inspiring Crazy Loyalty

Unfortunately, we often hear stories and jokes that suggest IT is not seen as an equal to “the business.” The reality: IT has an opportunity to drive game-changing outcomes that inspire “crazy loyalty” in the communities they serve—which can result in a powerful brand for themselves as technology professionals. In this discussion, Chris will focus on the fundamental mind shift that IT leaders and engineers must make to evolve their role and become transformative change leaders.

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“I have been honored to share a stage with Chris on two occasions, and by the time he left the stage on both occasions, the crowd was buzzing with excitement based on what they had heard.”
Peter High, Author & President, Metis Strategy

“Chris Laping remains one of the most memorable and influential speakers Hospitality Technology has had the pleasure of working with.”
Abigail A. Lorden, Group Editor-in-Chief, Hospitality Technology (HT) & Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR) magazines

“Chris gave an outstanding keynote address to our Leadership team at our annual conference. He was exceptionally well received by those in attendance and it truly brought an inspiring closure to a terrific two-day event”
Jeff Puttkammer, M.Ed. Director, Learning and Development

“Chris Laping is a thoughtful, engaging and entertaining speaker.  Instead of technology, he is gratefully biased toward people.”
Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist & CIO, Encore Electric

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