“Considerate coaching, strategic counseling and tactical plan facilitation all wrapped into one. The People Before Things team met my need at every turn.”

-Clint Wilson, Program Manager, Marathon Petroleum


We understand that getting the needed buy-in for new technology is tough. It’s the difference between achieving ROI or throwing money away. Our workshops help executive and project leaders learn a simple and repeatable model to build followership for change.


We understand that implementing new technology is challenging enough—and then you add the people-side of the equation. Motivating buy-in and building followership can be daunting especially when your peers and boss are counting on digital transformation to save the day! How do you know if your organization is even ready for change? Take our FREE and fast assessment to see if there are any roadblocks.


We understand that when you’re planning a team event or managing a conference that you want to hit a homerun with inspirational content. At the same time, you want practical advice that motivates action. Let Chris Laping support you on your next event with roller coaster storytelling about how leaders inspire change and transformation.

What Makes People Before Things So Different?

Conventional methods of “change management” mostly focus on communications and training to coerce people to accept change. However, leaders complain that when they invest in these activities, they still struggle to get buy-in and achieve strong business outcomes. We help get to the root cause of change resistance with a simple and repeatable model that has already helped thousands of leaders.

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